Chemical-Looping DCFB Oxyfuel

Chemical Looping

 From a general point of view, "chemical looping" refers to a process where a chemical reaction takes place within two different reactors, and a reactive solid material circulates (loops) between both reactors to drive this chemical reaction. Depending on the respective species, transported by the looping solids and on the obtained process product, different chemical looping applications can be identified. The most important technologies, currently under investigation within research activities around the world, are shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1- Chemical looping technologies

 The research focus at Vienna University of Technology lies on chemical looping combustion and reforming with main activities in the sectors of reactor hydrodynamics, detailed reactor modelling, process modelling and process demonstration. Detailed introduction into the theroretical background of CLC and CLR, as well as more information about research activities can be found on the next pages and under "Research", respectively.

For further information you're kindly invited to watch our video clips (see links below).

The Chemcial Looping Combustion Principle

The Cold Flow Model The 120 kW Chemical Looping Pilot Rig (Part 1) The 120 kW Chemical Looping Pilot Rig (Part 2) Chemical Looping next steps


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